Always an excellent Location

All kinds of celebrations and events

Celebrations, parties and events at the FASANERIE in Munich impress everyone with their special atmosphere. Visit us to have your own personal celebration that is simply perfect in every way. What an exquisite feeling to know that you have chosen the right location for a uniquely wonderful celebration and to plan it with this thought in mind. Our house and its idyllic surroundings offer you this good feeling and numerous other advantages. We will gladly plan and host your celebrations, conferences or similar events. Contact our banquet team now and we will make you an offer without obligation right away.

The Tenne

Für Großveranstaltungen, Hochzeiten & mehr

With a lot of hard work, the former barn on the premises of the Fasanerie was refurbished to become a decorative banquet hall. The well-thought-out lighting concept, a large open design and the use of natural materials create a harmonic overall picture. The perfect atmosphere for tasteful celebrations with friends, your family, or colleagues. Offering enough space for up to 130 people, the Tenne is the ideal place for a festive birthday, a dreamy wedding or virtually any other festive occasion. In addition, the marvelous high ceiling with the visible beams gives it a pleasant and warm atmosphere and provides excellent acoustic properties at the same time. Perfect for events with music and many happy guests.

The Fasanerie Room

Suitable for up to 50 Guests

The Fasanerie Room is the right location for a memorable celebration in an elegant atmosphere. Offering enough space for 50 guests, the Fasanerie Room presents itself in an aristocratic shade of blue. Of course, this color is inspired by the magnificent feathers of pheasants. Combined with light modern accents and enriched by tasteful decorative pictures on the walls, the Fasanerie Room is the perfect place for all kinds of stylish events and celebrations.

The Fasanerie Terrasse

The Pheasant Terrace presents itself with its cosy charm especially in sunshine from its best side. Here cosiness is written in capital letters. Enjoy an aperitif before your meal or just relax with a glass of wine in the evening. The terrace even offers you a cosy lounge area where you can relax even better. But even in winter it is perfectly suited to catch the last rays of sunshine of the year.

Das Jagdzimmer – Hunting Room

Suitable for up to 20 Guests

The Jagdzimmer with its fresh green walls has an atmosphere that brings to mind the forests and meadows of our Bavarian home. Our guests feel welcome right away in this homey room. Large windows, a lovely chandelier and unobtrusive wall lighting create a bright and inviting atmosphere that you can enjoy until late at night. We decorate the room with fresh flowers and set the table with white china to give the Jagdzimmer a charming and cultivated mood. An environment that will surely make you and your guests feel at home. It is just perfect for a festive get-together and a comfortable meal with a small group of people.

The Biedermeier Room

Suitable for up to 60 Guests

Decorated with elements from one of the most important art and design periods of recent history, the “Biedermeierzimmer” is furnished in stylish royal blue. Decorative and magnificent elements are just as much part of the interior design as are elements reminiscent of Germany’s bourgeoisie heyday. The large stove in the corner of the room and the parquet floor that we keep in an excellent condition provide a charming contrast and create an honest and inspiring mood. A room to feel comfortable, enjoy and dine in good company.

The Kaminzimmer – Fireplace Room

Suitable for up to 35 Guests

Our Kaminzimmer offers a simple but elegant mood. The rustic stone floor is the perfect match for the noble white ceiling and walls. Unobtrusive lighting and the impressive antique fireplace give this room a comfortable atmosphere. The design and a small buffet at the side leave enough space for creative ideas and versatile decoration. This is why the Kaminzimmer is also the ideal place for small corporate parties, meetings or presentations.